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You're VA

What can a VA do for you?

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Virtual Assistants can do for you today!!!

  •        Research for potential clients or customers
  •         Screen clients/customers for match with your company
  •          Process mail merge
  •          Perform outbound telemarketing calls seeking clients or customers
  •           Work with Excel spreadsheets
  •      Work with MS Word
  •           Return phone calls
  •          Type and send letters or contracts
  •          Make travel arrangements
  •          Order services on your behalf 

Benefits of hiring a VA!

 No vacation, sick or holiday to pay

No taxes-payroll and social security

No Medicare, unemployment No workers comp

No legal responsibility associated with employee policies

No office space

No office equipment or furniture

No ongoing training expenses

No agency fees

Never pay for downtown, breaks or personal issues

So contact me today!
Lets work together!!!

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