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You're VA

Meet Mechelle Flynn

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Many prospective clients are interested in the background of many VA's. Here's a little info about "You're VA" Mechelle Flynn:

Mechelle's History

Mechelle, founder and owner of You’re VA is an experienced virtual assistant, based in Santee, CA. She is a office professional with more than 8 years of broad experience in business administration, project coordination, and administrative management with expertise in the areas of executive and personal assistance, writing, editing, proofreading, creative document production, project management, and event planning. Mechelle is a detailed and problem solver with respect for privacy and client confidentiality. As a small business owner herself, Mechelle not only has a vested interest in making sure her clients’ businesses are growing, she has a better understanding of the small business arena than either permanent or temporary employees.

Customer Accolades

"Mechelle Flynn helped us meet our goals and build up our cliental. " -Melissa Owens
"Thanks to Mechelle we were able to get the help we needed; she came in just in time" -Tiffany White

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